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Wonderful news to start the new year.

Wonderful news to start the new year.

In the first term this academic year we’ve already collected over 82 tonnes of clothing, helping schools raise more than £53,000. Thank you to everyone involved, and as ever we welcome any feedback from schools regarding our service. We also love to hear from you on Twitter and Facebook about what you’re using the money to buy (it brightens our office bound days).

If you’ve already booked your collections for the next two terms, well done and other than publicising the dates you can relax.

Sadly and with much regret we will be lowering the amount we pay from 65p to 60p per kilo for collections booked after the February half term 2015, many of our competitors have already done this last year and some as low as 40p per kilo. This is due to falling prices within the re-useable clothing industry (due to many factors including Ebola, unrest in the Ukraine – the clothes go via Eastern Europe, and the strengthening pound).

We have limited the change as much as we can and hope for your understanding, we will of course honour our agreement of 65p for all bookings made before 14th February 2015 (bookings can be made for this and the next academic year). As soon as we are able to we’ll be delighted to increase our prices again and will be keeping our fingers crossed.

Because we collect good quality clean reusable clothes, we are still paying a very competitive amount and offering our amazing service to help you all fundraise.


We hope we can help you soon.

Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools Team