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Christmas Break – End of the first term is close.

Well done to all the schools that have already had a collection this term. Most of you did even better this year, please do get in touch and let us know why you think this happened.

This spring we have booked over 50% more schools than last year. So please do get in touch on 01633 235 923 or email us office@rags2riches4schools.co.uk if you have preferences of dates you would like. Summer term has also already passed last years collection totals too.

Some of you have started to book next academic years collection dates 2018/19, this always proves to be the better way of getting bigger volumes of clothes and therefor more money being raised. Again, especially a good idea if you are wanting to book a particular month or week of the term etc.

All payments have been sent out to all schools this term. So please get in touch if you have not had yours through post or if you want to check a BACS payment has been done.

Please remember to continue using the FREE media we send, it will save you time and money!!!

Our staff will be visiting some of our local schools before the Christmas break to personally thank you for your effort supporting our project.Our office is open until Friday 22nd December if you need to call us for anything. We will be back in the office on January 2nd.

Hope you all enjoy the holiday break.

Thank you all.


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