Rags 2 Riches 3 Clubs

Rags 2 Riches 4 Clubs

We are proud to announce the start of our new project aimed at helping clubs raise funds. More details will follow shortly. If you would like more information in the meantime please call our office on 01633 235 923 and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Christmas Break – End of the first term is close.

Well done to all the schools that have already had a collection this term. Most of you did even better this year, please do get in touch and let us know why you think this happened. This spring we have booked over 50% more schools than last year. So please do get in touch on 01633 235 923 or email us office@rags2riches4schools.co.uk if you
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Please remember, we can not collect school uniform

Please remember, we can not collect school uniform.

Celebrate your success stories

During the month of November, we are running a free competition that the winner will get £50 prize money. All we need is a photograph of your recycled reusable clothes collection and a story behind why you are recycling reusable clothes. Maybe you are raising funds for a gazebo, gardening tools or a class trip to somewhere? We will judge this on enthusiasm, creativity
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Oldcastle Primary School

We see that Oldcastle Primary School have advertised the recycling collection at the end of last term in their newsletter – This helps remind people not to throw away clothing over the summer break! Well done 🙂   https://www.facebook.com/oldcastleprimarypta/ July News Letter

Start the academic year plans

Well it is that time of year again where we all start the academic year plans. Throughout the summer we have planned when we will be in each area and have now set our dates accordingly. If you are looking to raise funds by recycling reusable clothing this academic year please get in touch and we would be more than happy to give you
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End Of Year Certificates

Your End of year certificates will be created for you once you have had your final collection for this academic year. Please get in touch with us when your collection is done and we will be happy to post it out to you and provide a digital version too. Here is a sample we did for Ysgol Y Berllan Deg

GREAT NEWS: We have raised our price to 50p per kilo, that’s 25% more cash for the clothes donated!

  GREAT NEWS: We have raised our price to 50p per kilo, that’s 25% more cash for the clothes donated! With our academic year end getting closer we would like to thank those Schools and PTA members that have supported our project this year and those that have been with us since the project started 5yrs ago. Some schools have already booked their three
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School appeals to community for help with fundraising drive

Llanbedr School near Crickhowell is at the heart of the village community and organises a large number of fund-raising events to help both the school and its ‘neighbours’.   “Read all about it”… http://www.abergavennychronicle.com/article.cfm?id=105925 Well done!